Shoes of Iron and Brass

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Read Deuteronomy 33:18-29. The closer you get to God, the rockier the road will be, but God gave us shoes of iron and brass for the rocky places. With His testing He gives His provision. Whatever your needs are for tomorrow, so shall your strength be……

My wife shared the Poem with me. I think you will enjoy it!

“Once I heard a song of sweetness as it cleft the morning air,

Sounding in its blest completeness like a tender, pleading prayer;

And I sought to find the singer whence the wondrous song was born,

And I found a bird, sore wounded pinioned by and ugly thorn!

I have seen a soul of sadness while its wings with pain were furled,

Giving hope and cheer and gladness that should bless the weeping world;

And I knew that life of sweetness was of pain and sorrow borne,

And a stricken soul was singing with its heart against the thorn!

Ye are told of one who loves you, of a Saviour crucified,

Ye are told of nails that pinioned, and a spear that pierced His side;

Ye are told of cruel scourging, of a Saviour bearing scorn,

And He died for your salvation with His brow against the thorn.

Ye are not above the Master! Will you breathe a sweet refrain?

Then His grace will be sufficient when your heart is pierced with pain:

Will you live to bless His loved one though your life be bruised and torn,

Like a bird that sang so sweetly with its heart against the thorn?”

Author Unknown

 If you have thorns in your life, thank God for the roses of grace that inevitably go with them.