Please Read Luke 18:1-14

This is a story of two great sinners: One knew he was and acknowledged it before God. The other did not, and boasted of his righteousness. It is a story of a good man who went to hell and a bad man who went to heaven. The one walks down to sit in the front row of the temple and says: “Lord, I thank Thee that I am not as other men.” The other felt so sinful and needy that he did not even go into the temple and says, “Lord be merciful to me a sinner.” Here we see the two different attitudes. One boasts of himself, the other pours out his heart to God. One saw his great need of a Saviour; the other saw his great self. One put himself on a pedestal the other is penitent and cries out for mercy.

We have two types of people today: One says, “I am good,” the other says, “I am a poor sinner.” When church was over one proudly said he was in church. The other thanks God for forgiveness. The first was a Pharisee in church. He prayed with himself, not to God. “The Pharisee’s loved to stand praying in the market place so that men might hear them.” He boasted of his morality. He says, “My life is clean, I have never been immoral.”  Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” We cannot see Him if we are not pure. Remember a telescope can see the stars, but if a speck of dust is on it is blurred, just like our sight. Let impurities enter in and the sight of God slips away. Personal purity is good, but not good enough to get us to heaven. He boasted of his business honesty. “I do not cheat; I pay my bills; I am honest.” But, it is not enough to save your soul. He boasted of his religious life. Away with the man who thinks he is good. We should never make a display of our belief. He boasted of his generosity. “I pay my tithe.” That’s good and you should; however, if we are depending on our generosity, we may be lost forever. He saw no flaws in himself – “Thank God I am not like others.” He despised others. He hates the sinner. We are all sinners. CONTINUED TOMORROW!

Daily Assignments

Read Leviticus 22-24, Proverbs 29. Call someone who is not faithful to church and remind him or her to come to church. Complete___ 

            JULY 30th


Read yesterday’s devotion! 

We are commanded to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Your love for God is measured by your love for man. But, he went away lost – not justified or saved, why?

  • He trusted in himself and was lost forever.
  • He did not acknowledge he was a sinner.
  • He did not cry out to God for mercy. He told God how good he was.

You may not be a great sinner, but just as lost without Christ. Then notice the Publican in church. He came to God humbly. He stood afar off and did not boast in his own righteousness.

Someone said, “A man must kneel very low to enter into the Kingdom of God. He came to God confessing his sin – sorry for his sin”.

Why did he beat his chest? because his sin was in his heart. I often pray, “Give me a clean heart, O Lord. Take away this heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh.”

David cried, “I have sinned” and so did the prodigal son. Today some will be in hell because they refused to confess their sin. The Publican left the church a saved man. Jesus said he was justified – saved. Any man who comes to God as this man: repent, confess, cry, and will be saved from his sin.

If you are not saved, why not throw all your pride and self-confidence away and fall at Jesus feet – like this Publican? He set the example for other sinners to follow. Can a sinner pray? Yes! “Lord, save me a sinner.” After you have prayed this prayer – then claim other promises. Do it and He will bless your life forever. If you are saved, why not attempt to live your life in a manner that is free of pride and self worth. Let’s live in a way of servantship and sacrifice. God will truly bless those who do.

Daily Assignments

Read 2 Kings 21-25, Proverbs 30, Complete___

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