October 30th



Read 2 Chronicles 7:14-22

Much of what is on my heart today has been well expressed by the Lord in this chapter. It is my prayer that God will work a mighty change in the heart of America.

It’s amazing how we have changed. When they speak of family values, they do not have Biblical values in mind. Today, family values are found in abortion rights, socialism, feminism, and all the other isms. Why don’t we humble ourselves and get honest about the matter? Until mothers return to the home, and children obey their parents, we are going to see our nation deteriorate beyond recognition. Let us not be guilty of becoming a part of the system which disobeys and dishonors our Lord. Let us obey these verses and preach them from the rooftops.

You will remember that Eli lost his priesthood because he would not judge or discipline his sons. You may call it love, but you’re sinning against God when you fail to discipline your children properly. The Bible says love is stronger than death and “Many waters cannot quench love…”

How can one have and develop love and real family values in the home?

  • By having the right respect for God and putting Christ in His proper place as Head of the home.
  • By having an open and honest relationship with each other.
  • By speaking kindly to one another and striving for an attitude of togetherness.

A lack of Biblical love in the home should be recognized in Biblical terms: it is sin! The good thing about sin is that it can be confessed and forgiven. The Lord will give you that spiritual heart you desire and enable you to demonstrate and experience the blessings of true Biblical love in your home.

Daily Assignments

Read Psalms 125-127, Proverbs 30, Complete___

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