July 31st

“Seven Things  Destroying Our Homes”

Joshua 24:15, ”  And  if it seem evil  unto  you  to  serve the  LORD, choose you  this  day  whom  ye  will serve;  whether  the  gods which your fathers  served that were  on the  other  side  of the  flood, or the gods  of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me  and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Sometimes we  make  life more  difficult than  it has to be. We struggle through  each day, unaware of the danger that threatens our families. When  danger or trouble  comes into the  family, we are experts at blaming  outside forces  such  as music,  drugs, Hollywood, and  television, when  in reality, the problem is in the decision-making, or lack  thereof,  in the  home. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE.

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July 30th


John  9:4, “I must  work the works  of him that sent  me,  while it is day: the night cometh, when  no man can work”

Before you tell me that we should not have  any self-confidence, we  need to  understand what  kind  of  confidence  we  are   talking about,  because there  are  two kinds.

First, there  is false  confidence, trusting in the flesh. This kind of confidence is prideful and presumptuous.

The  second  kind  of  confidence  is  true  confidence, trusting  in God’s Word…….CLICK THE LINK TO CONTINUE!

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July 29thThe Supreme Importance of Truth! Conclusion!

Read 2 John 1:4-6.

We must  also proclaim the truth.

We proclaim the truth by practicing  and protecting the truth as did Jesus Christ and  His disciples.  John  is known as the beloved and  loving disciple,  but another good  description of John  is the disciple of truth. The Word of God is truth. The Bible says that  God was manifested in the flesh,  but the NIV merely says that He was manifested….CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE.

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July 28th

In addition  to practicing  the  truth,  we  are  to protect  the  truth.

First, John  tells us  to protect  it from false  teachers. He reminds us that the test  of a teacher is what he believes about  Jesus Christ.  If he  denies that  Jesus Christ  is come  in the  flesh,  then  he  is false and  of antichrist.   We are  also  told to protect  it from those who destroy…..CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE.

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July 27th

“The Supreme Importance of Truth!”

Read 2 John 1:4-6.

Notice  the  repetition   of  the  word  walk.  The  truth  is  not  just something we study  or believe; it is a motivating  force  in our daily lives. It is not enough to know the  truth; we must  practice it wherever  we  are. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE.


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July 26th


Amos  1:12, ” Therefore thus  will  I  do  unto  thee, O  Israel:  and  be- cause I will do this unto thee,  prepare  to meet thy God, O Israel.”

Nothing  is  more  dangerous in  the  church  than  influence and  power  wielded  by  those who  have   wealth  but  not  Christian character. Even  the  religious  sacrifices and  feasts of the  people became an  abomination to God,  causing God  to say, “I  hate,  I despise your feast days.” God demands conduct, not just empty sacrifices, and He is saying, “Prepare to meet thy God.” CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE.

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July 25th


Amos 1:12, “Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare  to meet thy God, O Israel.”

God reminds the Israelites that He is the One who sets up kingdoms, and  He can  also  bring them  down.  Look at the power  of the pharaohs and  how they came to naught. Napoleon thought  that he could rule the  world, but lost his dream on the  island  of St. Helena.  Hitler tried to stamp out God’s chosen people and  set  himself up as ruler of the  earth,  but God’s  ultimate  plan  will always  go on, and  the  hinderers will always  be  brought  down……CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CONTINUE READING.

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