“Forming Proper Habits and Manners!” Part 2

You show your character by your promptness or vice versa. DO IT NOW!

LIVE BY A SCHEDULE,  Proverbs 4:20-27

The issues could be priorities: People who have good habits are disciplined people who live by a schedule. A schedule makes one feel secure, not to mention those around you. Do something long enough and it will become a habit.

See Proverbs 17: 16-19, “heart to it,” means an inner plan to your life.

Get up at the same time every morning, to bed at same time, eat, bathe etc. are ways to develop good habits. It is the little things in life that steal your time.

A schedule will help you set priorities, because most people spend most of their time on least important, and vice versa.

Give a few moments of personal testimony as to how you do your scheduling for every minute of the day.

DO THE MENIAL TASKS YOU DO NOT LIKE TO DO FIRST Proverbs 4:20-27 and 1 Peter 2:2-25.

If you do only what you like, you will only develop many bad habits. Many of us save the best till last in eating a meal. Do the menial tasks first and save the best till last and ask yourself: “What don’t I like to do, but know that I should?”


If you do not start, you’ll not have a problem in later years. In other words don’t tell the first lie and you will not become a liar. Don’t steal the first time and you will not become a thief. Don’t have bad thoughts and you will not have a sex problem when older, etc


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