Psalm 102:12-21 

Verse 17, “He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and not despise their prayer.”

Often I hear my wife Mary, regarding her illness making the statement, “I’ll just push the reset button again.”

I believe it is healthy for us every once in a while to look at why we are here, and push the reset button to make sure that we are still on the right track.

God says in verse 17, “He will regard the prayer of the destitute.”

“Only the poorest of the people were left to sigh and cry among the ruins of the beloved city; as for the rest, they were strangers in a strange land, and far away from the holy place, yet the prayers of the captives would be heard of the Lord, who does not hear men because of the amount of money they possess, or the breadth of the acres which they call their own, but in mercy listens most readily to the cry of the greatest need. The person are here called “the destitute.” The Hebrew word translated “destitute” does properly signify myrica, a low shrub, low shrubs that grow in wildernesses. Some think they were juniper shrubs, but a base wild shrub that grew nowhere but in a desolate dejected place; and sometimes the word in the text is used to signify the deserts of Arabia, the sandy desert place of Arabia, which was a miserable wilderness. Now when this word is applied to men, it always means such as were forsaken men, despised men; such men as are stripped of all that is comfortable to them: either they never had children, or else their children are taken away from them, and all comforts banished, and themselves left utterly hopeless, like the barren heath in a desolate wilderness. These are the people of whom my text speaks, that the Lord will regard the prayer of “the destitute;” and this was now the state of the Church of God when they offered up this prayer, and yet by faith did foretell that God would grant such a glorious answer.” Treasury of David

If we ever get to the place where the lost sheep is not as important as other activities, then we will no longer be like Jesus.


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