We must never lose our burden for the poor, destitute and sinners. The greatest churches in the world have always loved the down and outer… aren’t you glad someone cared for you? The church is here for the poor, maimed, halt, blind, sick, deaf and the lost and that is why God placed you where you are.

“God will not always leave his church in a low condition; he may for a while hide himself from her in chastisement, to make her see her nakedness and poverty apart from him, but in love he must return to her, and stand up in her defence, to work her welfare.” Treasury of David

You stay successful by doing the things that made you successful, and remember the pit from whence you were digged. When a fellow Christian backslides every one of us ought to rush to him, because God loves the destitute.

Someone said, “You can only hate sin as much as you love the sinner.”

If you love someone then you will also hate the sin that will ruin him or her. Christ became poor for our sakes. The more we love our teen-agers the more we will hate the devil that would destroy them. Christ became poor for our sakes. We do not hate weeds until we love flowers. We must love the lost…the broken, because their worst sin lurks in every one of us reading this.

I believe God has written Ichabod (the glory of the Lord is departed) on many churches in America. Why? Because many are no longer in the business Jesus was in. God did not call us to fellowship, but to reach the lost for Christ.

So, what should we do?

  • Win the lost.
  • Love the destitute.

Allow me finish with some quotes from “Treasury of David” by C.H. Spurgeon:

Verse 15, And all the kings of the earth thy glory. The restoration of Jerusalem was a marvel among the princes who heard of it, and its ultimate resurrection in days yet to come will be one of the prodigies of history. A church quickened by divine power is so striking an object in current history that it cannot escape notice, rulers cannot ignore it, and it affects the Legislature, and forces from the great ones of the earth a recognition of the divine working. Oh that we might see in our days such a revival of religion that our senators and princes might be compelled to pay homage to the Lord, and own his glorious grace. This cannot be till the saints are better edified, and more fully builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. Internal prosperity is the true source of the church’s external influence. The inward prosperity of the church is essential to her power in the world. If we do not care about the prosperity of the church to which we belong, need we wonder if the blessing of the Lord is withheld?”

And this is why we must ask God to give us a passion for the lost and the destitute.

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