Verse 22, Whatsoever thou wilt ask of God. It is possible that she meant that he could raise him up and restore him to her.

Verse 23, Thy brother shall rise again. Martha had spoken of the power of Jesus.  He said nothing of himself in reply.  It was not customary for him not to speak of himself, unless it was of necessity.

We cannot doubt that by rising again, Jesus referred to the act he was about to perform; but as Martha understood it to speak of the future resurrection.

Verse 24, At the last day. Speaking of the Day of Judgment. Martha was convinced; but this was not what she desired. She wished that Jesus would even raise him up now.

Verse 25, I am the resurrection. This was Jesus way of saying that the whole doctrine of the resurrection came from him, and the whole power to affect it was his.

And the life. In other words, He had power to do it now as well as on that day.

Though he were dead. Faith does not save us from death; but although we will die as others physically, but we will have life eternal. In other words, even if Lazarus dies, he shall live eternally.

Verse 26, Whosoever liveth. He had just spoken of the possibility of the believer’s death.  Now he is saying that the same awaits the living that has faith.

Shall never die. They will never come into eternal death. Here is an important eternal question: Believest thou this?

This question was doubtless asked because it implied that he was able to raise up Lazarus, and because it was a good time for her to test her own faith. He that loves God even when he takes away his loved ones or his comforts in life has the best evidence possible of true attachment to Christ.

Verse 27, Yea, Lord. This was a good confession.  It showed her full confidence in him as the Messiah, and her full belief that all he said was true.

Now look at our text verse 28, She went her way.  Jesus probably directed her to go and tell Mary, The Master is come and calleth for thee.

Secretly, that is privately. This was done to avoid confusion, or because it was probably that if they knew Jesus was coming they would have opposed what he was going to do.

The Master is come. This appears to have been the name by which he was known to the family.  It means literally, teacher, and was a title he claimed for himself.


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