Please read Ephesians 5:21-32 again.

There are also other important things in which the Christian must be involved.

  1. As a young person, an important priority is the question of “whom you are going to spend your life with?”
  2. Another important priority is the Christian home and family.

This always comes as a shock to some but, the husband’s first priority is to serve God. Many homes are broken because of the misunderstanding of this Biblical truth. However, before we as men get too comfortable, we need to understand that our first work is our family.

What am I saying? We are commanded to serve God with all our heart and teach our family to follow. Let me illustrate by God’s line of authority: God, husband, wife and children.

Someone said, “God never bi-passes the proper chain of command.” The husband is not to be the taskmaster, but he is to be the master of the home. If husbands were in charge of their home we would not need the woman to go out in the world and do the man’s work.

So, the first priority of the husband is to serve God – His work. A man does not stay home all day and care for the home, but he has been given charge of his home. An employer does not clean the toilet (though he may be willing) if he is going to have a successful business he must administrate and that is exactly what the husband must do in the home.

The wife’s first responsibility is to her husband and help-meet in his first work – the home. Now, I know it is all backwards in today’s culture, but this is God’s priority for the wife: care for her husband, children and the home. I believe we need to return to some kind of normalcy in the home, and I understand that our whole culture and system are all working against the Christian home.

Children need mothers who provide a schedule and well balanced diet for them. No wonder our children do not like to eat so many things today. They are not used to eating good nutritious food anymore. Fruit and vegetable are still good for them, and I believe it is important for children to see mom cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and dressing the children.

Thank God for the Christian home. It is still the best way to go. So, let’s get our home in order for the New Year.

  • Husband as head of the home.
  • Wife in submission to her husband.
  • Children obey their parents.

God is in everything we do. Let’s make our homes more like a Christian home.

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