“The Cost of the Christian Life!” Or “LOOKING BACK!”

Luke 9:57-62

This is not speaking of losing one’s salvation, but it is important to note that it is a disgrace to the cause of Christ to put our hand to the plow and then look back. Certainly one of the most tragic statements in the Bible is, “He turned back.”

In Joshua 8:20, the people turned back, and in chapter 7:8 they turned their backs on their enemy.

In 1 Samuel 15:11, Saul turned back from following the Lord when he became proud.

In Psalm 78:9, Ephraim turned back in the day of trouble.

In Jeremiah 11:10, the people turned back to the iniquity of their fore-fathers.

Many today get saved but do not come to church, etc. because they turned back.

Some walk the aisle but they never get baptized because they turned back.

Others are saved and baptized but they never join the church because they turned back.

Some join the church but they never become faithful.

You will recall when Lot’s wife turned back and became a pillar of salt.

The Israelites at the Promised Land, after the spies came out, turned back because of the giants. They said they could not possess the land because of the giants so they turned back by wandering in the wilderness for forty years.

Here is the order: if you are saved, walk the aisle to make the decision public, be baptized, join the church, go to Sunday school, the morning service, the evening service, the Wednesday evening service, witness for Christ; read your Bible and pray to grow in your Christian walk.

If God called you into full-time service, don’t turn back.

Don’t turn back even if defeat and discouragement come. Paul said, “forgetting those things which are behind…”

Someone took a poll many years ago: out of all the students who drop out of school to make money only thirteen percent ever graduate. The remaining eighty-seven percent who drop out for one semester never graduate.

You never succeed in anything if you turn back.


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