The Cost of the Christian Life Or Looking Back!” Part 2.

The songwriter said, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” not “backward” but “onward.” Don’t ever turn back!

Saul turned back and lost his kingdom.

The Israelites turned back and lost their blessing.

The people of God turned back and had the curse of God on them.

When Joshua turned back he lost the battle of Ai.

When Moses turned back he never saw the Promised Land.

When Samson turned back, he lost his power, and when David turned back tragedy came into his own family.

Peter lost the blessing of God for a season when he turned back.

What am I saying tonight? DON’T TURN BACK! We brought out this fact several years ago, that if you do not look back you will never turn back.

Once you have in prayer realized the will of God in your life, don’t turn back.

Remember, “never undo in doubt what you did in faith.” When you look back, doubts begin to set in, so, don’t look back. The day will come when you will not feel the presence of God, but He is still there.


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