Luke 10:25-37

A Good-Samaritan-turned-bad saved a woman’s life and then stole her purse. Police in Los Angeles said that a passerby had noticed a distressed woman getting ready to jump off a bridge. The man struggled with the woman until she broke free and then fell back onto the concrete and was knocked unconscious. That’s when the surprise came. According to witnesses, the suspect then grabbed the woman’s purse and ran off. None of us is above such behavior. We too can reach out to others with an honest desire to help them, yet underneath we may become more interested and concerned about our own welfare than about theirs. Daily Bread 9/12/04 

Verse 29 To justify himself. That is he wanted to appear blameless, to vindicate himself, and show that he had kept the law. Jesus tried to lead him to a proper view of his own sinfulness, and his real departure from the law. But the lawyer wanted to show that he had kept the law. His question was what was meant by neighbour? The lawyer was probably ready to prove that he had discharged his duty faithfully, kept the law, and could justify himself. Every sinner wants to justify himself. He seeks to do it by his own works. The result is that he perverts the meaning of the law, and brings the law down to his own standard, rather than attempt to live his life by what is required.

Notice in verse 30, Jesus answering. Jesus answered him in a very different manner from what he expected. He made the lawyer his own judge in the case, and forced him to admit what at first he would probably have denied. He compelled him to acknowledge that a Samaritan, of a race hated by the Jews had shown the kindness of a neighbour, while a priest and a Levite had denied it to their own countrymen.

From Jerusalem to Jericho. Jericho was about fifteen miles to the north-east of Jerusalem, and about 8 miles west of the river Jordan.

Fell among thieves. These were thieves who not only took the property, but endangered their life. The country was rocky and mountainous from Jerusalem to Jericho, and in some parts scarcely inhabited. It gave perfect opportunity for the robbers to act.

Don’t miss the next few days in reading this important message for the church.


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