Philippians 3:1-10

We must be grounded in the Word of God to keep us from every cult and wind of doctrine.

Saul, a once bitter enemy of Jesus Christ did what he thought was the will of God. Then he was struck by Jesus on the road to Damascus in Acts 8:1-4, 9:1-18.

Paul finds himself asking, “is this the Son of God…the Messiah, or do we look for another.”

Paul was able to point to a spot where he was changed from nature to grace and made a child of God. Can you and I point to the spot where we were saved? I believe Paul is saying, “oh that I might know Him better.”

How can we know Him better this in my life?


Learn to teach and preach the gospel and learn the Word of God.

We need the Word of God, not a good feeling, though the Word will make us feel good. Think of it, God laid all my sin on Jesus and that ought to make me feel good. The moment you and I believe on Jesus, we are headed for heaven.

You make much of the Word of God and God will make much of you. When you and I learn the Book, we will know more about Jesus, the rock of ages; the Bright and Morning Star. Take Jesus out of this Book and its empty.


Brother Roloff used to say, “No prayer is prayer until the Holy Spirit begins to pray.” You will be surprised at the sin of prayerlessness among Christian people.

A son asked his Dad, “Is God dead?” The father replied, “no son He is very much alive, why?” The son replied, “well Dad, how come I don’t see you talking to Him anymore?” We get too busy and then forget to pray.


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