“OUR TOP PRIORITY!” Conclusion!

The established church resented preachers who preached the cross. They told him if he preached again they would put him back in jail. Needless to say, he preached again, why? His number-one priority was to preach Christ. It was while he was in Bedford prison that he wrote “Pilgrims Progress.” His name still lives and for years a best seller.

God will not use us if we are unwilling to sacrifice. Jesus went to the cross, the disciples were martyred, many put in prison, others sent to flames, thousands murdered.

Paul was stoned and left for dead outside the city, and Stephen was stoned. They were beaten with many stripes. May I ask what has it cost you and me?

We live in our fine homes, nice clothes, cars, living at ease in some way. We send missionaries around the world to sacrifice and what do we do?

It is not only the preacher, missionaries, evangelists and staff, but all must have priority number-one. Phillip was not a pastor, but a layman just like some of you, our readers.

A spirit filled life is the secret; that is, the real secret for growth in the church lies in you and me. If God can touch your heart this and keep you busy doing His work, I believe growth will naturally follow.

Our message should always be Christ. You may not have much, but why not give Him what you have?

What am I saying? We, the New Testament Church are charged with the greatest responsibility ever, and that is to preach to every creature.

Often we are so busy doing the work in church, but neglect to do the work, reaching our area for Christ, our priority number-one.

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