What a wonderful blessing to know that every prayer he ever prayed was always answered. Glory! He prayed that Peter’s faith might not completely fail, so it stands to reason that there was no time in which Peter was not really a godly man.

As far as he wandered and sinned, yet he knew that Jesus was the Messiah. Though his fears overcame him and led him to a terrible sin; yet the prayer of Christ was prevalent, and Peter was brought to true repentance.

Actually the word converted means turned, changed, recovered, and the meaning is, “when thou art turned from this sin, when thou art recovered from this sin,” then use your experience to warn and strengthen others who are in danger of falling away.

A man may be converted or turned from any sin, or any evil course. He is regenerated but once–at the beginning of his Christian life; he may be converted as often as he fails into sin.

“Strengthen thy brethren.” That is, warn them, encourage them. They are in constant danger of sinning and falling away. Use your experience to warn them of the danger, and to challenge and sustain them in the midst of their temptations.


  • One reason Christ allows Satan to tempt us is to show our own weakness and dependence on God.
  • Another good reason is to use the experience to warn and keep others from the same path.
  • The two epistles of Peter, and his whole life prove that he cared about the commands of Jesus; and in his death he manifested his deep regret of denying the Lord, by requesting to be crucified up-side down, and unworthy to suffer in the same manner that Christ did.

What lessons for us as Christians today: Understand that when we are tempted, Christ is always there to pray for us that we fail not.

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