Please read Psalm 1

Think about the importance of the Bible in every Christian’s life. People often mock us, and look at us rather strangely if we happen to carry our Bible to work or even to some churches.

Verse 3, “Like a tree planted.” Not like one growing wild, however strong or abundant it may appear; but one that has been carefully cultivated; as well as for proper growth where the best of care has been given.

If a child is brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, we can expect a godly and useful life as a result. On the other hand, think of the end where this kind of Biblical training has been neglected? An uncultivated soul is like an uncultivated field, all overgrown with briers, thorns, and thistles.

By the rivers of water.” By the rivers of water; so that even if one river is dry, he will provide another.

What a blessing, the rivers of pardon and the rivers of grace, the rivers of the promise and the rivers of communion with Christ, will never dry as a source of our supply.

“His fruit in his season.” It is a wonderful blessing to know that expectation is never disappointed. Fruit is expected, fruit is plentiful; and it always comes in the harvest.

For example: A godly education, under the influences of the Holy Spirit, and spiritual leadership in the home, church and school will always produce the right kind of fruit in our young people.

“His leaf also shall not wither.” As the leaves and the fruit are the evidences of growth and perfection of the tree; so a godly faith, along with good works, are the evidences of the soundness of faith in the Christian’s life.

“Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” So it is with the godly man; he is always growing stronger in the grace he has already received, increasing in his heavenly desires, and under the continual influence of the Holy Spirit, bringing about much fruit to the glory and praise of God.


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