Please read Joshua 8:1-29

Today we hear much about “attack,” not only by way of the Iraq, Afghanistan and ISIS war, but also among politicians.

According to Webster’s Dictionary “attack” means to begin to perform, to undertake, to enter upon. It is also the offensive part of a contest as; “his attack was better than his defense.”

Let me say that to fight the devil we cannot just resist him, but we must launch an all-out attack.

Napoleon was asked, “what are three most important things necessary to fight in a war: money, money and money. In warfare men are nothing, a man is everything.”

Today it is more like: money, machinery, and men. But, to the Christian it is:

  • The Armour – his protection.
  • The Sword – his source of fighting.
  • The Spirit – his source of power.

Napoleon, in addressing his soldiers after victory over Milan said, “Yes, soldiers, you have done much, but remains there nothing more to do? Shall it be said of us that we knew how to conquer, but not how to make use of victory? Well then, let us set forth we have still forced marches to make, enemies to subdue, laurels to gather, injuries to revenge. Let those who have sharpened the daggers of civil war in France, who have basely murdered our ministers and burnt our ship at Toulon, TREMBLE!”

That’s probably the last time France caused any other nation to tremble, ha. But, notice what else he said:

“The whole art of war consists of a careful and well-thought out defensive, together with a swift and bold offensive. The art of war (he said at the beginning of his career) consists, with inferior forces, in always having larger forces than the enemy at the point of attack or defense.”

To win a war, Napoleon summed up everything by these words: “no precise rules can be laid down, everything depends on the character of the General, his abilities, his weaknesses weather and a thousand other circumstance which never repeat themselves.”


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