“ATTACK!” Conclusion!

Please read Joshua 8:1-29 again.

I believe that is exactly the reason the Bible commands us to pray “without ceasing.” When we cease to pray we will let our guard down, and attempt to win by our own methods. 

We need to be suited in the Armour of prayer to fight the battle. How?

  • Be involved in Wednesday Evening prayer service.
  • Start praying specifically in some kind of a prayer group.


The best way to defeat the devil is to win a soul to Christ. We need power in our soul-winning. (Give personal soul-winning illustrations).

  • Power in our private soul-winning. Whenever God gives the opportunity.
  • Power in our public soul-winning. Church organized soul-winning.=


That is, believing while in the midst of the battle, or deliverance in midst of a storm.

We need to fight the battle of faith: God has given us several methods whereby to fight by faith all the way to victory:

Look again at verses 3-5, 14-19, 21, 25-26.

  • By ambush: we are to ambush the devil. Judges 7:16-22.
  • By surprise attack: attack the devil without warning, but never without a plan.

Let me say in closing that we are in a battle of faith, a spiritual battle, and God has given us the victory; all we have to do is to claim it by faith, attack!

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