Joshua 17:12-18

It has been said that most people only use about ten percent of their brain capacity. Two important things to consider:

  • Most of us do not develop our spiritual and mental capacities to our fullest potential.
  • Most of us do not develop and use our physical bodies to the fullest potential.

Now, having said that I believe all would agree we only use a small amount of our abilities. You could be a marathon runner or a great athlete, but if you do not exercise right; eat nutritious food and get enough rest. The result is that this athlete will not live up to his fullest potential.

The great tragedy is that most Christians today are not living up to their potential in spiritual or physical life, and all due to the lack of spiritual or physical exercise.

It is bad enough to neglect the physical, and emotional life but even worse to neglect the spiritual. As a matter of fact, it is my belief that sub-normal living has become the norm.

I’ll prove it to you: anybody living the normal Christian life today is considered abnormal. So, the question today is, are you living up to your Christian potential?

Back to our text: Israel had victoriously entered into the promised land of Canaan, and in the following chapters Joshua deals with principles of possessing the Promised Land.

Each tribe had been given a place and portion of the land of inheritance, and now all they had to do is to march and claim it.

In chapter eighteen we see that right in the middle of the Promised Land is Ephraim and the Tabernacle was set up as a reminder to all that the Lord God was in the midst of them.

What a blessed promise and truth for us today, I am with you and I will never leave you nor forsake you. Christ wants us to realize that He must be in the very center of our Christian life. Even with the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim realizing the Lord’s blessed presence and His promises they still failed to live up to their potential, because of disobedience.


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