Psalm 96

Psalm 96 has been called the Missionary Hymn of all ages.

The Psalm was written by David at a time when he placed the Ark in the middle of the tent prepared for it, and offered sacrifices before it. He appointed the Levites to minister before it.

Ark: Presence of God.

The Ark has been brought back after several victories over the Philistines and David writes this song of thanksgiving taken from 1 Chronicles 16:23-36.

C.H. Spurgeon outlines this song of praise:

A new salvation creates a new heart; suggests a new song; secures new testimonies; produces new converts.

Verses 1-2, “Shew forth His salvation,” in the Hebrew means to publish, make it know, spread the good tidings.

The Ark has returned – spread the good news – God’s presence is among us. In the New Testament era, Christ is among us.=

Verses 3-5, “Declare His Glory,” let all men hear and proclaim the good news. Use all methods to proclaim it.

Verses 6-9, “Give unto the Lord,” renewed appeal & interest to the lost to join us in this good news and song of praise.

Saved or lost, it matters not.

Verses “O worship The Lord,” means to worship Him in Holy garments. Explain!

Verses 10-13, judgment is coming.

We ought to rejoice over judgment, because it restores morality, authority and obedience.

Verses 11-12, Look at this truth: Not only are all men commanded to rejoice, sing praise; but all creation: The heavens, the earth, the sea, the fields, the trees. All are to testify to their creator.

All are to join in regardless of motive verse 1.

Even the wicked because it might bring them to Christ.


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