“A Contrast between Two Men: The Godly verses the Ungodly!” Conclusion!

Please read Psalm 1 again.

The happy man has strength; he is practical, energetic and he meditates day and night.


  1. The Godly man shall be like a tree planted where it can grow.

That is, deep roots, beautiful. By the way, beauty in the Bible is always connected with righteous living.

Whatever he does will prosper. He will have honor, truth and righteousness.

  1. But, the ungodly are not so – like what? Like the blessed.
  1. The sinner has a brief day. There is no vitality, spirit, comfort, joy, etc.
  2. Oh yes, he will have happy moments and times of joy, but it will be on the surface only not in the heart.
  3. He is like the chaff blown away by the wind.

The threshing of wheat separates the chaff (outside shell) from the inside kernel. It is held up against the wind, and just a little breeze will blow the chaff away.

That’s just like the ungodly man; he simply is one who tries to get through life without God and is blown away when the storms in life come.

What can a feather weight chaff do against a raging wind?

That great wind will catch all excuses from the lips.

Compare that to the godly man again:

  1. He is blessed and ungodly are not so.
  2. He is like a tree planted: like an evergreen. In other words, his joy in life will last and the ungodly are not so.


  • The godly will stand like a TREE PLANTED.
  • The ungodly or unsaved are like THE CHAFF, there will be a separation form the righteous. They will perish.

Thank God for the Lord Jesus Christ who is a picture of our righteous living as well as end.

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