Matthew 9:14-17 

John the Baptist’s message was harsh and focused on the law, and when people compare themselves they realize how far they fall short and that they must repent.

Jesus message focused on grace and the result, not only eternal life, but abundant life.

John’s disciples had the right start, but they needed to take the next step and trust Jesus.

Our Lord is saying this: The old covenant, the old law was ending and He had not come to project it or to continue under it, but he had come to provide a new garment, and that new garment was of righteousness which He gives to those who trust only in Him.

In verse 16 Jesus said, “No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.”

Then He spoke of new wine in new vessels. He was speaking in these verses of the absolute necessity of the new birth and a new life in Christ.

Some people picture salvation as just a patched  – up life. They have a problem, so they get a patch. They may patch  with some good works or some nice deeds. How utterly foolish!

A person who  cuts up a new piece of cloth to patch an old garment is playing the fool!

The garment will tear near the new patch.

And one who patches up his life by some good works is making a dreadful and eternal mistake.

You cannot earn salvation by doing good work to cover up a sin or bad living.

The whole fabric of your salvation will be destroyed.

  • Christ in not a patch, but a new garment.
  • Christ is not a helper, but He is The Saviour.
  • Christ is not a crutch, but He is the Physician.
  • Christ is not a pebble, but He is the Rock of Ages.

Christ is saying you cannot mix works with grace. Salvation comes by grace through faith alone.


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