“A New Testament Church In The 21st Century!”


Acts 5:17-29, verse 28 is the text.

You could call this message, “Principles that make a church go.”

To empower any ministry, you must realize that where God is working, the devil is fighting verse 18, and is “filled with indignation.”

It is always trust God when you are doing His will according to verse 19.

God has His angels to minister to us in verse 20, and He gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask in verse 32.

To be an effective witness or church for the Lord, we have to be in partnership with Him, verse 32.

Surrender all to Him, and receive all He has to offer.

When God initiates a work, and I believe He initiated your local Church without question; then He will prosper and complete it according to verses 38-39.

If it is of men – it will come to nought … nothing.


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