“A New Testament Church In The 21st Century!” Part 2.

Read Acts 5:27-29 again.

Here are some principles needed to help make the your church successful in the 21st Century.


The church rises and falls on leadership, but the key is followship.

A man of God will lead, but he must have some loyal and faithful people to follow. The man of God must be a man of conviction, sent from God.

By the way, don’t look for your preacher to be perfect: Though he strives very hard to be holy.

Here is a perfect preacher:

  1. Never too long in prayer or sermons.
  2. Never forgets what he ought to remember and never remembers what he ought to forget.
  3. Knows just when to speak and when to be silent.
  4. Sermons are always well prepared, delivered and appropriate.
  5. He is educated enough to be a College President and humble enough to be a beginner.
  6. Never has financial problems and lives on as little as possible – by faith.
  7. Never argues yet outspoken.
  8. He is a real leader of Israels hosts and enemies speak well of him.
  9. His wife is absolutely without fault and children just like her.
  10. His theology is old fashioned enough to please the conservative and challenge the liberal, while gentle as a lamb.
  11. He is always ready and willing to sacrifice for the good of all.
  12. He is always ready to listen, counsel, weep and share his family.

Perhaps that man is not yet born; nevertheless, the standard set by congregations is set high and behooves any pastor to aim high.

To be a pastor of a congregation is a high calling.


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