Acts 2:37-47

New notes for 4/14/03 – Since our theme this week is “A Passion for Christ,” I thought it appropriate to spend a few moments talking about the fact that sometimes the religious are more faithful in their service to their God than most Christians. I want to suggest several reasons for this:

Often they have a zeal, but without knowledge.

Many are more dedicated to a philosophy than faith.

Often it does not require sacrifice or commitment.

More often than not, they have a passion for what they believe and practice. This is the ingredient missing with many Christians today. These New Testament Christians were not like that. They had a real PASSION FOR CHRIST.

This text is filled with excitement in the New Testament church. There was a passion for Christ and to bring men to Him for salvation.

Passion: Comes from the Greek word (Pathos) meaning, “affection.”

Or, someone said, “a deep feeling with working results.”

There is a passion for good or evil.

Think of it: Most men have more passion for a football, baseball game, golf, fishing, hunting, camping, job, etc. They have a real passion for it.=

But, how many have a real passion with fervent zeal enthusiasm for Christ? A passion is our Baptist Heritage.

They paid a price for what they believed and practiced.


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