Revelation 21:1-8

Comment on fact that Joe has been a long time friend of PRBC. Joe was once a faithful member and co-laborer together with Christ.  He served in the bus ministry as a driver. Most of his children were brought up right here at PRBC. His wife continues on with the honor of being the oldest (not in years).

When God spoke of Jesus’ “decease” notice to what He was really saying in Luke 9:31, and again in 2 Peter 1:15. The only two times the word is used in the entire Bible and in both cases the Greek word is Exodus: Meaning to depart or lit. “Out of the way.”

So, what is He saying: when a loved one departs out of the way he is literally departing from life as we know it. In Luke it refers to our Lord’s decease, “which He was about to accomplish.”

On the other hand, when the word “death” is used it is speaking of: Greek Thanatos, which is the spiritual parting of the soul from the body (the material part of man).

There comes a time when our bodies will cease to function and turn to dust. But, notice the wonderful promise God gave the Christian, “absent from the body and present with the Lord.”

Death in the Bible is the opposite of life and it never implies non-existence.

It could also mean a “taking up” such as in the case of Stephen where the word “Anairo” is used. Then the third form is the Greek word “Teleute” or “telos” and means, “an end.”

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