Love and harmony are driven out; all happiness disappears; all prosperity comes to an end.

In a place where peace ought to prevail, there springs up every evil passion that tends to spoil the peace of a family or church; or even a nation.

Where this spirit prevails, it is impossible to expect any progress in spiritual things; and in such a family or church any effort to do well is vain.

Someone said, “The Spirit, like a peaceful dove, flies from the realms of noise and strife.”

We also know that if a Christian loves the world, discontentment will surely come.

  1. The Bible teaches that we are to be “therewith content.”
  2. We are to follow after righteousness verses 11-12.
  3. We are to exhort the rich of the world verses 17-19.

The rich need help just as much as do the poor among us – they need God’s grace.

There are many examples of unhappiness in riches.

One need only look at some of the rich people in the world to be convinced of this fact.

Look at some of the movies stars, rock stars, etc.

Much of the world is trying to find happiness in sex, drugs, alcohol, excess, money, power, reality Television, etc. 


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