Please read 1Timothy 6:1-10 again.

I believe that my God will supply every need we have, but I also believe that we must supply the conditions:

  1. He will supply if I am honest in paying my tithe, bills, etc.
  2. He will supply if I ask Him Jas. 4:2-3, “Ye have not…”
  3. He will supply if I will share it with others.

The sin of selfishness will sever our prayer line, Philippians 2:21, ‘’For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.”


Here is an important lesson for us to learn: personal contentment will grow as we learn to help others.

There will be contentment even as we are burdened about others. Even while we may be lacking some of the ‘so called nicer things’ in life.

Let’s see what Paul wrote on the subject of others in Romans 15:1-7.

  1. Help the weak and baby Christians.
  2. Help the skeptical Christians. I can help others by being strong in my own conflicts in life.
  3. Help the suffering Christians God sends your way.
  4. Help those unsaved and without Christ.

Yes, contentment comes from faith in Christ, loyalty to Christ, loyalty to our convictions, and that He will supply our every need.

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