“GUILT!” Part 2

Read Philippians 4:6-7.

If we deal with it in a courageous manner, I believe it will help us to live the Christian life at its best.


We must understand the difference between real and imagined; genuine and distorted guilt. Genuine is real, while distorted is not. Genuine is based on truth while distorted is emotional. The genuine has direct cause; distorted involves a misunderstood effect. In genuine guilt we are guilty of violating some law, but with distorted guilt, we only feel guilty. It is important to understand the difference.

Genuine guilt is usually the result of disobedience to God – breaking His biblical principle or law; in other words, we did something wrong and this produces guilt. We feel guilty because we are guilty. We feel like no one cares to be around us anymore, because we are so bad. It is never wise to deny the reality of that guilt, but we should deal with it before we can be at peace with God, others, or ourselves.

Dealing with distorted guilt is a different story: it is not real guilt, because there has been no breaking of God’s law. There should be no feelings of guilt, but there are. Understanding and overcoming this feeling is not easy. This guilt is often the result of making unrealistic expectations for ourselves. The standard is set so high that it is impossible to reach, and when we fall short, we become disappointed and discouraged. We feel guilty because we have failed again.
A vicious cycle of guilt that is not real can occur. Again, it came from unrealistic goals, comparisons or having an oversensitive spirit. The result of this guilt can be tragic and has to be dealt with.


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