“DEPRESSION!” Continued!


We compare ourselves with others, and as a result we are too hard on ourselves. Oh if we would learn to be the man, woman or young person God wants us to be. Here is an important truth: don’t try to be like someone else, instead be what God wants for you; and if another has what you need, don’t copy, but learn from that person.

A good practical lesson: don’t try to “measure up” to others’ expectations; just be what God wants for you.

There is really only one way to be successful: be in the center of the will of God! In other words, be everything God wants you to be. If you use God’s will as a measuring rod in your life, then you cannot fail. Though you may be lacking in some way, God will supply the tools you need.


Respect and rejection often go together. Love and loneliness can be close friends at times. The more you love the more you give and the less you seek to get, right?

Here is a remedy: learn to be comfortable when alone by being alone with God, and don’t let the lack of love from others bother you.  Some of us have learned that our stand and belief will always offend some people. The key: Don’t you be offended.


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