Here is a good rule: If you feel condemnation it is from the devil, and if you feel conviction it is probably from God.


Judas Iscariot is a picture of one whose greed led to money problems and much worse. Why not make it a law of the Medes and the Persians, “If you don’t have it don’t buy it.” In other words, build your future on common (cents)?  Our ministry goal ought always to be, to build people not buildings.

Dr. Hyles said “Don’t use your people to build your work, but your work to build your people.”

Money problems in the home, business or even church can cause the worst kind of depression.


Study Judges chapter 15 and 1 Kings 19:3-8.

  • Sampson is certainly a good example of defeat after a great victory.
  • Elijah is another example of defeat after his great victory on Mt. Carmel. In the following chapter we see him running from Jezebel.

When the excitement is over ask God to give you a fresh vision, and never do anything because of its excitement, but because it is right and needs to be done.  If you have excitement as a byproduct, have it. Be motivated by the need rather than the excitement. Major on the simple, obvious, needy and not on wishful thinking.


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