Now, here is an important lesson:


Please study Psalms 42-43.

The sons of Korah, a Levite who rebelled against Moses, wrote chapters 42-49; however, his sons and descendents did not join his wickedness, but faithfully continued to serve God as musicians in the Temple for hundreds of years.

The important lesson in these chapters is that the psalmist learned to focus on the goodness of God in times of depression. Rather than focus on his inability to help himself, he focused on the ability of God to help in times of trouble.

The lesson for each Christian reading this message is to focus not only on the goodness of God, but His ability, action and our attitude.

Learn to enjoy working in the valley, and with problems, because the more success you have, the more valleys you will experience. The higher you go the lower you fall.

I am of the firm belief that depression can lead to bad attitudes or a yielding to and falling into sin.

The prescription for depression: Go to God; don’t complain to anybody, and get busy praying, helping others, working on a solution, and in some extreme cases perhaps professional help may be needful.

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