If you feel no one cares or you feel isolated – find someone else who is worse off than you and make him/her feel like he/she is important. Do something for them – such as baking a pie or drop off a pizza, etc.


Having lost a loved one, etc.


You just exist, without apparent hope of any kind. This is one we definitely do not need to feel. Look at verses 4-6.

God cares about each one of these.

Come boldly to Him for help, because you feel that even He does not care and that you have lost all contact with Him. So, get back in touch with Him, because He has not left.

Come boldly to the Throne of Grace to find mercy and help in time of need, AND keep on coming back to Him.

Think of how Jesus must have felt in the Garden all alone; on the cross, all alone; on the Mount of Temptation, all alone; alone in all night prayer meetings; alone in suffering, etc.

Just think: He is your helper!

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