Psalm 77:1-6

Verse 2, “In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord: my sore ran in the night, and ceased not: my soul refused to be comforted.”

What Asaph is saying is, “My hand in the night season was stretched out, and ceased not.” In other word’s he stretched his hand out to God until weary; yet he refused to rest.

The causes of sleepless nights in most cases are burdens on the mind, rather than pains in the body. We begin to think about things that cause us to worry and we can’t sleep.

Asaph apparently suffered with mental depression, because he was anxious over the condition of his nation. I am sure to get some disagreement on the next statement: “Times of mental depression are not always wrong or because of sin.” They are often the natural response of the mind to physical conditions surrounding us and outward circumstances over which we have no control. It might also mean that there is “sensitivity” on the part of the one that is suffering with this depression.

Each individual’s response is different from others because God has made each of us different. He did not put us in a cookie mold and make everybody the same.  Some are easily depressed because they have possibly suffered more. Some may have had a terrible upbringing. Some see the glass as half empty while others see it as half full; neither is wrong, but they look at things differently. Some see the black clouds gathering in the sky to be threatening; while others say, “Whoopee, here comes some rain.”


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