Please read Jeremiah 18:1-11 again.

Jeremiah went to the potter’s house not to preach a sermon, but to receive a sermon. This was not a sermon to hear, but a sermon to see from God Himself.

Matthew Henry said, “Those who had a sermon need not study them, if given by Divine Inspiration.”

There is a national and a personal application to what Jeremiah saw:

  • He applies it to the person verses 1-4.
  • He applies it to the nation in verses 5-9.

The first thing Jeremiah saw was the potter making a vessel, and something caused it to be marred. So “he made it again.”

God is saying that we are like clay in the potter’s hand, and like the clay, we resisted, but God is a God of a second chance and opportunity – “He made it again.”

According to verse eight, God may even repent (change His mind) concerning His judgment upon the nation, if they will turn from evil.

On the other hand, God may also repent of the good with which He would bless them according to verse ten. God is saying to the nation and to us as individuals, “I am trying to make something great out of you.”

God can make something beautiful out of clay, and God can make something beautiful out of the Christian who is pliable.

Jeremiah was quick to do what God said in verse two, and look at what he did in verse three, “Then I went down to the potter’s house.”  That’s a real working faith:

  • Obedience is essential in order to hear the voice of God.
  • God speaks to us through the routine things in life.


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