The clay resisted the potter’s hand. Don’t resist God’s hand, because He is a God of a fresh start, and He never writes anybody off, but is patient and longsuffering with us.


The two most important questions in our Bible studies are: how and why? Clay is not worth much because it is just dirt.  Diamonds are just lumps of coal, but are valuable and beautiful because they have been proven. God did not say we are diamonds, but that we are clay, just clumps of dirt, but look at what God can make out of dirt. Clay is cheap, but the potter can make it something which is priceless, worthwhile, useful and beautiful.

  • Clay can yield to the hands of the potter.
  • Clay can be pliable and be made over again, not so with a beautiful diamond.

We may be clay, but the Potter can make something beautiful out of us. On the other hand, He can put a useless vessel on the shelf. The clay cannot be molded into something beautiful without putting pressure on it; the same is true with us.

How we respond to the pressure will determine what kind of vessels we will become. Clay must have a potter and the potter must have some clay to shape. God spends much time on His vessels, so allow Him to work on you.


This is important for us to understand: if the potter finds something in the vessel that resists, he has to remove the impurity and make the vessel again. The tragedy is that our potential is limited and can be greatly reduced if we resist. We throw a lot of things away in our lives when we resist the Potter. The vessel can shrink because of marring, teaching us that we can shrink in our Christian life because of sin.


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