Jeremiah 18;1-11.

The vessel can shrink because of marring, teaching us that we can shrink in our Christian life because of sin.


The question in this message is, “How can we escape the discouragement, despair and depression of life after it is marred?” Examples of ruin in the Bible are meant to encourage, not discourage us. When the clay was marred it did not become worthless, because the potter still had a use for it. God still has a purpose for you! He still wants to work with you!  Don’t continue to resist, because it will lead to destruction in the end.

Your life can still be useful, satisfying, worthwhile, and of great value.  No matter how far you have gone into sin, God can still make you useful and be pleased with your life.

Lesson: A vessel is good for only one thing – to contain something, but there are some requirements for the vessel to be used as a container:

  • It must be clean.
  • It must be empty.

God can make or reshape your life and mine, and only He can bring it to perfection; because He is the Potter, we are the clay, sin is the marring and the wheel is our life.

Someday all vessels will be finished by THE POTTER’S HAND!

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