Romans 6:10-22

“A father shouted in anger at his frightened son. His anger increased, and finally, pounding him with his fist, he knocked him to the floor unconscious.”

“At a motel, a nervous man signed the register ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’ His attraction to his best friend’s wife was about to result in a shameful, adulterous relationship.”

Tragically such headlines do not occur only in newspapers and television, but all too often in real life, and respectable homes. Too often those of us who claim to be Christians are involved in terrible events such as these. In fact, many born-again believers have called out to God over and over again for relief from powerful, passionate emotions.

These emotions lead to outbreaks in violent temper, jealousy, greed and lustful thoughts and deeds.

Emotions that God built into us for good, when distorted by sin, are all too often channeled into deeds that are destructive.  Our natural appetite for food or drink becomes gluttony; the proper sexual drive becomes adultery, and the desire to succeed often leads to selfishness and pride.

I believe that victory over these passions is possible, because we are not dealing with some mystic power, or uncontrollable force, or weakness to which we have to surrender.

As believers we are on the battleground with Satan, the enemy of our souls, and we are in a constant struggle with him, as well as with our old nature. Nevertheless, the Bible tells us that sins of passion such as anger, jealousy, greed, pride, can be overcome by the Christian who sincerely wants to be victorious over any immorality.


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