Read Romans 6:10-22 again if time permits and briefly review the last 3 days.

Doing His will must be more important to us than giving in to some wicked habit. 


Claim the spiritual help God has provided because you know the Bible spells out how to live right and wrong. The Holy Spirit dwells in us to give us spiritual power, and through prayer we commune with God, drawing upon His help. We can receive guidance and help from Christian friends and be involved in church, prayer meeting, devotions, and close relationships. Practical suggestions to follow:

  • Avoid surroundings that cause you to fall.

Avoid those who may cause you to think about your weakness. If you get angry when tired, get more rest. If being around certain people causes you to be discouraged avoid them until you are able to get a handle on this problem. Paul said, “Neither give place to the devil.” Don’t give Satan a chance to tempt you.

  • Maintain a true perspective.

Some things are just not worth getting upset about. If a little argument arises, don’t let it become big, it does not deserve the attention. Also, a fleeting moment of pleasure is not worth a broken home or friendship.

  • Watch that your mind does not focus on things that bring spiritual defeat.
  • As a practical means of controlling emotions of passion, you must maintain your self-worth and self-esteem.=

If you are a Christian, you must remember who you are; a child of God, therefore live like one. Many of us go through life living like peasants when we could be living like royalty. Memorize Romans Chapter eight to help you.

Don’t live like a peasant, you are a child of the King.

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