Read 1 Thessalonian 4:13-18 again.

Never teach your children to be brave in times of sorrow, but allow them to release their emotions.


Yes, take comfort in past blessings, but also, know that he or she is or will be in His presence and someday will meet you in Heaven. This world is only our temporary home and one day we will be transported to glory. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:6-8 he was willing to be with the Lord.

Just think, we close our eyes in sleep down here and open them up there. We breathe our last breath down here and inhale our first breath up there.

Sure, we feel emptiness in sorrow. Certainly we are saddened that there is pain in separation, but the hurt is lessened and the burden is lightened when we remember past blessings and realize the present reality that our loved ones are in Heaven.

They are better off than we are and it would be selfish to wish them back to this sin-cursed world. Rather, look ahead to the day when you can join them, never again to part, and no more disappointments or tears, and no more heartaches etc.

Never wish you had told them “I love you,” rather, tell them now while you can. However, if you did say some terrible things to a loved one who is now in Heaven, don’t be depressed over it; it does not matter to them now, just live with a new kind of love and compassion for those who are in sorrow now.


Anticipate that future reunion with love ones, because death does not separate believers forever. The Bible promises this in verses 13-14, and verses 16-17.

The day is coming, perhaps today that Jesus will come with a shout, and the souls who are redeemed will descend toward the earth. The graves of departed saints will open and the resurrected bodies and souls will be rejoined; they will meet the Lord in the air and be in the presence of Jesus forever. Verse 18 says, “comfort one another with these words.”

We realize that it hurts to lose a loved one.  No one can take his or her place. The world suddenly seems empty and there is a continuous ache in the heart, but only Jesus can fill that void. Just think of that glorious time of reunion. We have that bright and blessed hope in times of sorrow. If you are grieving over something or someone today, keep in mind these guidelines.

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