Psalm six is the first of David’s seven series of Penitent Psalms (6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143).

In verses 1-3 Though I deserve destruction, have mercy on me.

David in his frailty is asking God Why He is using his enemies to chasten him.  While he realizes that he deserves rebuke for his sin with Bathsheba, he is crying out to God to consider his frailty.

I believe there is an important principle in David’s prayer, because he understands that sin must bear the fruit of repentance, but it must also be totally destroyed. He also understands that God will not use him as a dirty vessel. What a truth for us to learn in this permissive generation.

We must learn that sin always weakens the Christian and will always end in tears, heartache, and destruction if not repented of. David cries out, “O Lord, heal me for my bones are vexed.”

No doctor or medication can cure the disease of sin, because when both body and soul are diseased, only God can provide the cure. David’s strength had been exhausted when he says, “O LORD, how long before you will heal my broken heart?

In verses 4-5 he is pleading with God for deliverance.

“Return, O Lord, deliver my soul,” ought to be every sinner’s or backslider’s cry to God. Those that once had the light of God’s mercy, and by their sin have forsaken God must return and God will demonstrate His mercy and grace by returning to them.


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