“The Believer’s Journey to the Cross!” Continued!

Read Romans 6:1-14 again.

When we were saved a lot of things happened that we did not know about or understand; for example: we were sealed with the Holy Spirit; our names were written in the Book of Life; the penalty for our sin was paid in full and we were reconciled with God.  We did not feel any of these things happening. We did not feel the Father or the Son, but He baptized us into death (verse 4). We were crucified with Him, yet there is a sin nature in us before and after salvation. According to Scripture, our old sin nature was to have been crucified and buried; from then on, we are to serve Christ.

Christ’s objective is not just to get us saved, because salvation is just getting us into heaven. Let me be clear that salvation is the one and only step, not one of many. Because we are positionally in Christ by the crucifixion, we are complete in the fullness of Christ by the resurrection. We will begin to say, “God, do something in my life.”

How many of us truly want to reach our full potential? This can come only through the journey to the cross; however, be aware that you will have some challenges on that journey.

All Christians will experience many or all of these obstacles on that journey to the cross:

Frustration – Lord, what has happened to me?

Defeat – nothing goes right anymore.

Pain – we begin to defend ourselves to God, but He shows us who we really are. We feel the pain of the cross when God shows us who we are, and this is where many believers decide to turn back.

Loneliness – God may isolate us for a time.  No one can go with us on this journey because it is meant to teach us to rely totally upon God alone and experience the crucifixion of self. It was a lonely trip for Jesus, and it will be for us; however, Christ is beginning to do something in our lives.

Fear – we begin to ask, “What is happening to me; why have I lost everything?” This is when we must remember that He is walking right alongside of us in our frustration, defeat, pain, loneliness and fear.


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