Read Romans 6:1-14

At this point God is the only One we have, because He knows exactly what He wants in our lives.  This is the worst time for a friend to offer pity.

Rejection – we begin to feel as though no one cares or understands.

Humiliation – “I am not what I used to be, because I used to be happy,” but He wants to make us what He wants, not what we want.

Some might say, “Preacher, I thought you preach that we ought to feel good about ourselves and be successful.” True, but this kind of success can come only through what appears to be failure. We cannot experience true joy and victory until we fall and go through the valley of humiliation. We must remember that from the world’s point of view, Christ was a complete failure, but we are not finished yet!

Grief – in our spirit. I am doing my best and cannot do any better.

Anger – with God! This is where it spills over on others, because we have only two people to blame; ourselves or God.

Blaming God will not help, because we asked Him for victory.

Here is the key to the entire lesson, and we must not miss it: we do not have to go to the cross if we choose not to. God wants the cross to be an experience we live, not just a truth we have learned.

Rebellion – we rebel against people around us and tell God that this is just not working out as I planned. We try on our own to make things work and experience disaster after disaster.

Worthlessness – God, what in the world is going on? We say, “I cannot take any more of this.”


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