Jude 1-4

As the Jewish host approached a hostile army, the priests cheered them by preaching, Deuteronomy 20:2; 1 Samuel 7:9, 13, and by inspiring songs, 2 Chronicles 20:21.  The sacred trumpets gave the signal for battle, Numbers 10:9,10; 2 Chronicles 13:12-15; the archers and slingers advanced first, but at length made way for the charge of the heavy-armed spearmen, who sought to terrify the enemy, by their aspect and war-cries, 1 Samuel 17:52; Job 39:25; Isaiah 17:12,13.  The soldiers were soon engaged hand to hand; the battle became a series of duels; and the victory was gained by the bravery, the skill, strength, and swiftness of individual soldiers, 1 Chronicles 12:8; Ps 18:32-37.

A victorious army of Jews on returning was welcomed by the whole population with every demonstration of joy, 1 Samuel 18:6, 7.  The spoils were divided after reserving a part for the Lord, Numbers 31:50; trophies were suspended in public places; eulogies were pronounced in honor of the most distinguished warriors, and lamentations over the dead.

In defeating a walled city, numerous towers were usually built around it for throwing artillery; catapults were prepared for hurling large darts and stones.  Large towers were also constructed and mounds near to the city walls, and raised if possible to an equal or greater height, that by casting a movable bridge across access to the city might be gained. The battering-ram was also used to affect a break.

The modern inventions of gunpowder, rifles, bombs, and heavy artillery like nuclear weapons, MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) bombs, smart bombs, laser guided bombs, etc. have changed all this. As the influence of Christianity spreads itself in the world, war is becoming less excusable and less practiced except in extreme circumstances. Such as we are facing even at the moment with the war in Afghanistan and with ISIS.

I think most will agree that today we have religion without conviction; relaxation has taken the place of revival, compromise in place of conflict, etc.


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