I like what Augustine said about war and when it is justified:

  1. When it is declared by a Legislative Sovereign.
  2. When there is a just cause.
  3. When there is a belligerent enemy.

The question to the Anti-Americans today is this, “Is there never a cause?”

  1. We have orders from a legitimate Sovereign.
  2. We certainly have a just cause.
  3. Our faith (as well as our country) is under attack.

They need to understand that evil permeates a society. Their intent is not only to destroy our country, but also to destroy our faith.

There is nothing better and more beautiful than a country at peace, but at what price. “Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.”

There is nothing more beautiful than a church at peace Ephesians 3:9-14. But let me say this, wherever you may see a church at peace is as a result of conflict.

They say we need to be more tolerant, pluristic, etc. We say, “only God is perfect.”

They want us to broaden our thinking and be more inclusive, no; we must to obey the Bible.

We had better be careful about sending our children to Satan’s U. They will unteach everything you taught your child.

Listen, the idea of culture and political correctness is shaping our nation and now our ministries.

Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.”


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