Today they do not want to hear about sin. They do not want us to name it because it might offend someone. Better to offend them than God! Better to tell the truth about extreme Muslim’s than to be blown to bits some day.

We need to preach a message of peace alright but also to warn of judgment. We need to warn people about the wicked philosophy that comes out of Hollywood.

Hollywood themselves say that, “Good movies make us think and great movies change our lives.” Even they admit that lives are changed by movies. But if we say that movies effect our society we are being racist or hateful, etc.

Some things are worth fighting for in spite of opposition from men.


Remember who your enemy is:

  • They are DIVIDERS, verse 19.
  • They are DEPRAVED, verses 19, 10.
  • They are DEAD, no spirit verse 19.
  • They are DECEIVERS.


  • Build your faith on the Bible, verse 20.
  • Pray in the power of God, verse 20. That is faith in action Romans 8:26-27.
  • Look for His coming, verse 21.
  • Be soul-conscious, verse 22.

Let me say in closing that we do not measure our spiritual life by meat or drink Romans 14:17-19.


It is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. We ought to be in “hot pursuit” of godliness. There is no peace apart from righteousness – rightness.


If you settle for peace with compromise you lose both.


When righteousness is attacked there has to be a response. We are commanded to fight for right, to “contend for the faith.” We are to strive fervently for godliness.

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