“What is Love in Marriage?” Part 2

Please read Ephesians 5:22-32.

Marriage does not eliminate one problem, but creates many more:

  • COMPLETE, acceptance on both.
  • COMMITMENT, to each other.
  • CONSISTENCY, it is for life.
  • COMPADABILTY, one flesh.
  • Not necessarily the right person, but right treatment.
  • Marriage fails when people stop trying.
  • Jesus identifies with people in trouble.
  • Harmonious marriages includes seven common things:
  • Faith and trust of each other.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Courage in times of trouble.
  • Love, even when not lovable.
  • Patience with the others weakness.
  • A little bit of intelligence
  • A lot of common sense.
  • A great deal of perseverance.

“When God saw man was alone, He made a helper appropriate to his needs.”

  • Marriages are not necessarily made in heaven: “But, they are hammered out in the workshop of pain and problems, discouragement’s and disagreements, fear & trials, by the hammer of time on the anvil of reality.”

Eve was God’s love gift to Adam.

  • Marriage was designed to meet needs and satisfy one another.
  • Success is the result, if we meet each others needs. (We cannot be immature about it).
  • Mature women must teach the younger women:

          Please read Titus 2:3-4


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