Please read 2 Timothy 3:1-9 and Proverbs 1:1-7 if you can. 

There Is a Slide in Standards to Sensual Life Styles.

I don’t think we should be against everything, but I do believe we need decency, integrity, cleanliness, purity, etc. Don’t make everything you’re against a sin. For instance, if a man who chooses not to wear socks with his shoes, lacks in culture, but it is not a sin. We should not make things sins that pertain to only to standards, yet there ought to be some Bible guide lines in our standards:

  • There has been a slide in our clothing.

Too often, we see our ladies in worldly or revealing clothing. This has no place in the life of the Godly Christian.

  • There has been a slide in our conduct.

Carnality, inconsistency, rude language, harsh language, or just plain improper language.

  • There has been a slide in our Christ-like living.

This is the main problem. The pressure is to carry things a little too far or not far enough. It is normal for a young person to want to try some different things, but we need boundaries. Often, we let our guard down with our children, and soon, immorality is creeping in. I understand the male instincts, but you ought to stay at least 10,000 miles away from anything that would cause you to fall. The Bible says, “Abstain from every appearance of evil.” We need some rules, but they ought to be few and fair, and most important, we need to make them stick. Parents and teachers, don’t major on the minors, but major on the majors. I have known some preachers who are so busy preaching on long hair that they themselves fall into immorality. Let’s face it, the weakness of man is in all of us, which is why we must dress in proper clothing, exercise proper conduct, and practice Christ-like living.

We must be so close to Jesus that we are not thinking of our weaknesses, but of His strength. To live with honor and dignity is to love Jesus Christ, to give our lives whole-heartedly to Him, and to be aware of what we are losing.

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