1 Chronicles 28:9-20 

In Joshua 1:6-8 God uses the same language. God wants to use you if you keep your heart right with Him.

Have you ever seriously thought about this? “What is your great task or purpose in life?

Is it to be a housewife? By the way, that is not a 2nd rate calling. God wants a clean vessel – the good news is that God can still use you if not, but not as He would have. If God called you to do a task in church – it is a great task.

We need His power for this great work of His. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters all need verse 20.

What does this involve? 


It means to be fastened to, glued to, stuck or stick. In other words, stay in the fight and don’t quit – too many are quitting today. All across America teachers, ushers, bus workers, nursery workers, are quitting. The average Christian walks out on God in less than seven years.

We tell God all we have done and now it is someone else’s turn and then say, “good bye God,” or “no more God for me.” Many will walk out on God when things get touch in this year. No, we need to say; “by God’s grace I’ll stick.”

We have Christians who love God if all goes well. Don’t quit just because you may have some opposition, but be strong and of good courage.

Solomon, be strong and of good couragejust hang in there. 

Thomas Edison, be strong and of good courage – just hang in there. He worked for years and we have light.

 Goodyear, be strong and of good couragejust hang in there: we have rubber tires.

Webster, be strong and of good couragejust hang in there. You have taught us how to spell. He worked day and night for thirty-six years. You quit on the 11th hour, but he just hung in there.

We need some more winners, for our children’s sake. They never see us win anymore. Stay with your job, whatever it may be: Spurgeon said, “By perseverance the snail reached Noah’s ark.” Perseverance makes the difference between failure and success.


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