1 Corinthians 13

Love must be specific action not general for mankind. In other words it must be individualistic.

The Apostle Paul penned what has become known as the love chapter of the Bible.

He shows that a spiritual person is controlled by the Holy Spirit of God, not just by a gift of the Spirit, and that spiritual love will be pre-eminent in a Christians life.

By looking in the mirror of God’s Word, we are able to see areas in our own lives which need improving, if we are to be genuinely loving spouse, family member, friend or co-worker God would have us to be.

Look again at verse 4.


It patiently endures injuries, trials, and troubles. It restrains us from angry outbursts or emotional scenes when thing don’t go “our way.”

Biblical love is kind, tender and it cares about the welfare of others, not about self.

Love is always others oriented. It does for others and expects nothing in return. True love displays a thoughtful, tender, gracious, caring and understanding attitude toward another. According to the Bible love envieth not.. is never jealous.

How do you respond when others excel and receives special recognition? When another person achieves, we ought to praise the Lord and be glad for their accomplishment.


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